21 March, 2009

My holiday to Medan, Indonesia

Day 1
I woke up at 5.30am, I took a bath and brush my teeth. I changed my clothes. After that I went into the car and quickly go to the bus station at KL Sentral. We took a ride for one hour. When we arrived at the airport, we had breakfast over there and since I am slimming down I only ate a piece of egg, bread and two spoons of fried rice. When I was in the airplane I fastened my seatbelt and seated happily. After a while I noticed the airplane was moving and I said "looks like we are going to takeoff ". We fly for one hour and we landed at the Medan airport. After that we go to the tourist center and got a bus for us and straightly headed for our hotel at Parapat at Lake Toba. The scenery of Lake Toba was very beautiful.

Day 2
After we had breakfast at our hotel. Me and my brother swam at the swimmingpool. After we finished swimming we go to our hotel room to changed our clothes, then we headed to our bus and were on our way to our next hotel in Berastagi. Before we arrived at our hotel we went to the highest waterfall in Indonesia which was named the Sipiso Piso waterfall. We arrived at our hotel in the evening.

Day 3
On our third day, after breakfast we headed for our next destination that is up the hill where there is the perfect view to see the volcano, that was Sibayak Mountain. The view is quiet beautiful and the wheather was cold. I like this place and I am glad my father took me over here. After lunch we headed to Medan. When we arrived at Medan we went to the one of the top Indonesian university, that is University Sumatera Utara. After that we check-in at the hotel and rest for the day.

Day 4
I woke up in the morning and I took a bath and put on my cloth. After that we went to the hotel restaurant and ate our breakfast. I ate fried rice and drank orange juice and for my dessert I ate jelly. After breakfast we went to the muzeum and the old castle. We check-out at 12 o' clock and straightly went to the airport. Our flight to KL was at 4 o'clock in the evening. We arrived at the LCCT at 6 o'clock, then we took a bus to KL Sentral. My sister, Eka took us home.

Overall I enjoyed my trip to Medan and I wish I could come back again to Medan.

09 March, 2009

My trip to Kuantan

Yesterday me and my family go to Kuantan to meet our cousin. I was very excited when we were on our way to our cousins house because i cannot wait until i get to play with their son named Muneer and was the younget at the family and i am the youngest of my bro's and sis's. It took 4 hours to reach our destination. When we arrived Muneer came out of his house and approached our vehicle. His mother also came out of the house. We slept over their house for 2 days. On our last day me and my cousins and my family go to the beach for a looooooooooong picnic. We took a bath at the beach and ate the food that was served by my family. After that we took a short bath at the public shower and go home.

04 March, 2009

My friend.

Hello. Today i feel very sorry to my friend because his newborn little brother died. I feel soooooooooooo pitty for him. My friend that lost his brother name is Hazman. He is the leader of our class. When we were in class our teacher told him to follow her to go to the hospital. Two hours after that he came back to school with a sad face. He was just like going to cry. By the way thanks to who ever read my blog. I am really appreciate your interest in my blog.