30 December, 2008

My Brother :7 A's

Wassup wassup again! U now what! My brother got 7 a's in PMR. But still he did'nt get 8 a's. I feel sorry for him but he still got a's. My teacher always said. Dont worry because you can always try again in the next exam. And! Tommorow we are going to eat at Chili's or Nachos Nachos! Im sure you dont know where is the Nachos Nachos restaurant and also i do know you never heard of it but were gonna try it!It's at the new Giant[Shopping mall]. It's located at Kota damansara and it's also near my school.At Nachos Nachos it's got lots of food in the restaurant.These were all the food i saw at the menu.Example:Taco from Mexico,Salmon slice nachos and others.I hope when im a teenager i will get 8 a's and will make History in my family!

29 December, 2008

My new private school

Now im standard 3 and that means next year im gonna be standard 4.And im gonna be moving into a new school.It's a private school and that means it's much more interesting than my old boring school.I mean i hate my old school because it's sooooo dirty i hope you watch the news.The school is named Taman Tun 1 and also known as S.K.T.T.D.I 1.And my new school is much more fun because the sport activities over there is so fun.For example:Archery,football,karate,taekwando,tennis,swimming class,badminton.But i asked if there is basketball because basketball is my favourite sports but there is no basketball over there but never mind.At least it's much more better than my old school!

27 December, 2008

Games and others

Wassup-wassup bro!Im gonna talk about games and others.So do you like to play games because i like to play games on my ps2 but since its broken. I like to play games on my pc.For example:CRYSIS WARHEAD,Company of heroes,F.E.A.R[first ecounter assault recon]Evolution GT,FIFA 09,Star wars REBUBLIC COMMANDO stars reunion. Those are the games that i play on my pc.A lot!

26 December, 2008

The BBQ day!

Wassup!You know what!Im gonna talk about my BBQ day.All the food my mom had cooked were so delicious.For example:cheese sausages,meat sausages,marsmallows,fishballs.Those are the example foods my mom cooked.My house is in the jungle so that means we are having the barbeque in the jungle.But im not just having a barbeque.Im having a barbeque with my cousins you knoww!And then i ate too much then i puke!And i felt sooooooooo tired to eat.I go upstairs.And then i played a game called CRYSIS WARHEAD.And that was my BBQ day!

24 December, 2008

My father

My fathers name is Mohd Sabri.He runs a company called MST Powercare.He is an engineer.He likes me to massage him because i am the only one that knows how to massage while my brothers always play the computer.He likes to drive cars.We have 7 cars. They are called Estima,Bmw,Hilux,Suzuki jeep,Military jeep,Crv and the Kelisa.My father always takes us to cycle in RRI and i love him sooooooo much!

My mother

I forgot to tell you about my mother. My mother's name is Zuraida. She loves to cook.All her recipes are so good.And make sure to check out 1001resepi because it's my mom's blog and all types of food you wanna know are all there. For example: pizzas,burgers,cakes.cookies and juices.When i check out my mom's blog all the food i see are so delicious and im sure that you will gonna love it.What is my feelings towards her?I love her sooooooo much!Because she's really cares about me,my brothers and my sisters.

Hari Raya Haji

Last year Hari Raya Haji was so exciting.While this year's was not so fun. Last year Hari Raya Haji when the people at my village was slaughtering the cows. My dad was the one to weight the cow's meat. While my brothers helps to distributed the meat. Me and my friends were playing outside the mosque area.My mother helps the womans to cook the cows to make cow soup.After that we had an open house in the mosque. When i taste my mother's soup. It was like heaven!It was the most delicious soup i had ever eaten you knoww.

22 December, 2008

Me at Melaka

Now im gonna talk about me at Melaka.Melaka is actually a very veryy small town.But the town is a little bit more tidier than my village.Because my village is like garbage you know.Of course Old fashioned Malaysia always throw their garbage anywhere they want. Warning: dont you ever throw garbage anywhere you want or your country will become garbage! By the way lets continue about me at Melaka. When we were looking for a hotel.My sister said she heard there was a 3 star hotel at melaka.She said the hotel was beautiful.When we arrived at the hotel.From the outside the hotel looked like a losman hotel but from the inside the hotel was beautiful.And then we check in.After that we walked around the town.Thats the story about me at Melaka.See ya!

21 December, 2008

My cousins

Yesterday my cousins came to my house.It was an exciting day.First we went down to the garage.and then my cousins played my new bicycle.The bicycle had three tires.While me and my bro played football.And then my bro wanted to show off his noob[normal]skills.Seriously he is such a show off man.My cousins stayed at my house for a day.And then the other morning. my cousins brother and little brother came.And then we exercise again.After that we watched a movie called Artifical Inteligence.Then my cousins go home.

20 December, 2008

So high!

So.Tell me. Do you want to know what is Singapore flyer? Simple. It's a ferris wheel! But it's not just any ferris wheel. It's the biggest wheel in the world!Each cable car is so huge!I could even stand in the cable car!And when i look down it's just like im falling down!I mean it's so high.if a 6 year old look down from the cable car.Im sure she would puke!You knoww.

May the poopoo be with you

In Star wars it's supposed to be may the force be with you.But in my version! Im gonna call it may the poopoo be with you.Sooo do you like to watch Star Wars.Because im the movie's number 1 fan you knoww!I love to watch the battles,the war,and the sword fighting!Good luck soldier!May the poopoo be with you!

Pulau Sentosa's fun part!

I don't now what to say to Pulau sentosa. What is Pulau Sentosa? it's a theme park!It's just too fun!Have you ever ride a luge before. Believe me. Cause it's like driving an ferrari!You get to control it,turn it,and brake it.The coolest you get to drive as fast as you can. the 1st stage is learning how to drive it. the 2nd is driving it on your own! And there is the other fun ride called the sky ride.Its like your flying!1st you have to sit on a chair then you have to put on your safety belt. and then the chair will fly!

Journey to the center of Singapore

When i was at Singapore.Me and my family was going to look for a hotel.But all of the hotel were so expensive you knoww.All kinds of hotel's at Singapore are sooo expensive!1 star hotel 2 stars like oh my word!We did not know what to do.And then we got lucky!A 3 star hotel named hotel 88 was cheap,beautiful,marvelous.And we check in.We stay over there for 2 days.And then the journey begins!

Rasa Sayang Shangri-La

When i was at Penang island. me and my family were going to the Rasa Sayang 6 star hotel and the hotel was really fantastic you knoww.each time we went out on a holiday.I always asked my father to bring me to a 5 star hotel and then boom!6 star man 6 star! The hotel was made by Shangri-la. The hotel was cool because it had swimming pool's, spa's and then I went out to the beach to go and ride a jet ski. It caused 60$ to ride it! And it was the coolest hotel of my life!

Wake up!

Hi again, today is Saturday i just woke up from sleep.I woke up at 10 o clock because last night i slept at 1 am! Who woke me up? sister Ika woke me up. Sister Ika said wake up! wake up! and i did not woke up and then when sister Hani woke me up i did woke up.

my favourite

yummy! eggs are my type, my favourite kind of food.

19 December, 2008

My two cool sisters

Hello again,well now,im gonna talk about my cool sisters. One named Zalikha and the other one is named Hani.I call them sister Ika and sister Honey[Hani]. sister Ika's hobby is listening songs in her bedroom until i am sick of listening it!Her dream is to become a good architect one day!Sister Honey's hobby is to call me stinkypoopoo and thats why i want to do my stinky blog!

My two cool brothers

You know what? I have two cool brothers named Zul Ajwad and Zul Aiman.I call them Abang Ajwad and Abang Aiman.These are my two cool brothers. Abang Ajwad is 15 years old and next year he will be 16.His hobby's are playing football and playing with his tummylicious(tummy). My second brother is Abang Man. He is a kind and smart person. He also likes to bully me and call me chubbyboy. He also likes to play online games such as Maplestory and Talisman Online. His dream is to become a succesfull lawyer one day.

wassup! stewie!

Lake Garden

Ok.This is when i was in Lake Garden. Taiping you know. school holidays. Spending time with family.Enjoying life. I mean all those days at school sitting, talking, writing, reading and listening for life! sooo boring man soo boring. Warning:`dont you ever go to school or spend the whole five hours studying.

1st blog

Hellooo. And welcome to my stinkypoopoo blog. And by the way my name is zul atmam.I am 9 years old.And i know i am fat but i am on a diet you knoww.I like to speak in english and thats why i want to do my stinky blog!My hobby is watching cartoons and motorcross races!