07 December, 2009

since mom and dad are at Makkah.....

Well, since mom and dad are at Makkah and i decided to live at Kuantan. I really missed my home. I decided to go back home cuz i really really did miss home. When i was at my house, my thoughts started to change. Home was really boring. Now! im living at my cousins house at Subang Jaya. It was very fun over here. There are really many stuff to do. Playing the computer[as usual], learning how to make Milo[lol] watching the TV[also as usual]. I really don't know what to talk about cuz there are really so many things to do!

06 November, 2009

My mother: hajj!

Do you want to know something! in the other two days! my mother will be going to Hajj or in Bahasa, Haji. My mom is going to go there for 40 days! that is more longer than i thought it would be. Can you imagine if a boy, his mother is going to leave him for 40 days. By the way. The exciting part is that when my mother goes to hajj. I will be staying at my cousins house! i really am so excited. YAY YAY!!!! YAY YAY!!!!!!!!! i also am going to miss my mother. Also, i think i will be going to my old school next year. Yea i know all of you are freaked out! when i hear this i just said WHAT!!!!!!??????????.I was freaked out too, see you bloggers next time ok.

02 November, 2009

My Birthday!

Yay yay! today is my birthday! which means that I was born on 2nd november! in the year 1999. Sooooooooooo, what do you have for me??? I really hope its something special! you know what! I think I want a pet for my birthday present. But of course I don't want dogs, snakes and other vicious animals. I think I want a pet cat! don't you think so? or maybe toys! yeah, I like toys. I have always want toys for my birthday present, by the way, see ya!

31 October, 2009

my sister, Hani

You know what, one month ago, my sister was going to Egypt to continue her studies. When we were at the airport, well, its not just us. All of our cousins were there too. Why? its because my sister is going to Egypt for a year. So thats why all of my cousins were there too and thats why we bought the camera thingy which we put on top of our computer monitor so that we can see my sister in the computer monitor. I think one year is so long. Why didn't they make it six months? That would be really better. By the way my sister said that right now, at Egypt it's wintering but of course there is no snow. My sister said when she woke up in the morning, it was really freezing! Wow, she said it was as if she was eating ice. She also did mention that all the foods were awesome! just say anything, pizza, cakes, fruits, ice creams, and she said the burgers over there is really big. Wow! i didn't want to say anymore types of food or it will make me ruin my slimming process. By the way, my birthday is going to be another 3 days!!!!!! wooooooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 August, 2009

The Ramadhan month!

Hi! Sorry i have not written my blog for a long time. I was concentrating in my studies because i am going to have an exam! which had just past at 18 August 2009. Now, I am going to talk about the month of Ramadhan or in arabic they call it Sawm. But in english they call it, Fasting!!!!! Im sooooooooooooo happy because now i can become slim more faster. That's of course in the month of Ramadhan we cannot eat for 1 day. Well, it's not that we can't eat. We just have to be patient and we can break the fast at around 7:24 PM. We also cannot be so angry to people or the fasting that we did will not be accepted by god. If you are weak and cannot fast, then you don't have to fast. If you are a contractor you still have to be patient and fast. Can you imagine the poor eating only once a day. Even though they are poor, they are still being patient to eat delicious food. I am imagining when we are going to break the fast and eat delicious, marvelous dishes! Yummy!

03 July, 2009

Smokin aces!

Do you want to know a secret! The secret issssssssssssssssssssss. Do not smoooooooke! U know what. Smoking can cause u ur life! So please! I beg you! Please! Do nooooooooooot smoke. U know what. It is six pm and i havent pray asar yet and i am hearing gunshots right now. Maybe the people of my village are hunting ooooooooor maybe poaching. I hate the person who poaches. I am telling you. Do not smoke because we are talking about life and death here. Smoking can cause u to have cancers,an it also can cause damage to your throat. I always see young people by the age of around 12,13,14 and so on and they might be gone by now. If you know what i mean by gone.

02 June, 2009

My most first camp in the forest!

Yo yo yo! Guest what! I just came home from my first camp in the forest. Is that amazing or what! There were lots of things i did at the camp. There were about for groups. I was group one and all my best friends is in group 1. Seriously amazing! Soooooooo there were no showers over there but there is a riverrrrrrr! The river was far toooo cold that i almost urinated in my pants and i was lucky i didn't urinated in my pants! there is one teacher in each group. The teacher in my group was supposed to teach us how to cook, Build a tent and many more. Sorry but i forgot because of my tired brain. I will see you next time!

18 May, 2009

Old friends

I wish later at my birthday that i will invite some of my old friends at S.K.T.T.D.I.
(Sekolah kebangsaan Taman Tun Doktor Ismail). I have always missed them especially my bestest friend in the whole earth because he and my family supported me during the sportsday at I.I.S.K.D and also when i go to the canteen he was the one who bought food for me if i didn't bring money and that is why i always make jokes in class to make him laugh or to cheer him up when he is in a bad mood. By the way his name is Adam Hakim and has a jerky sister who likes to bully him. Me and him, Well i am older than him and you know what he was born a day after i was born. I am so glad i met him and i will try my best to invite him to my birthday party.

This may have a few mistakes and i will soon correct them.
See ya! bye-bye good friends!

26 April, 2009

A new belt!

Did you remember when i said there were karate classes at my school. Guest what! I was ranked a new belt. Now at karate i am yellow belt! If you want to go to a new belt you must past a test. The test was called grading. A grading test is that we must do the technique of each belt. I was white belt so i had to do the white belt technique and i past the grading test so i am going to be promoted to yellow belt. Im so happy you knooooooooow. I forgot to tell you that these were the following belts: white,yellow,green,blue,purple,brown,brown 2,brown 3,brown 4,black,black 2,black 3,black 4,black 5,black 6,black 7, black 8, black 9, black 10! So that is all i want to tell you and thanks for the good comments!

07 April, 2009


Next week my school is going to have a qiyamullail. A qiyamullail is a cool activity because we are going to set a camp inside our school and practise what is the job as a muslim. The qiyamullail is for standard four until secondary 3. We will pray, listen to a speech about Islam and duty as a Muslim. We will stay there overnight so I will have to bring my toiletries, a small pillow, a blanket and clothes. The food was provided by the school. This is the first time I am joining the qiyamullail and I was excited because many of my friends are going to be there too.

21 March, 2009

My holiday to Medan, Indonesia

Day 1
I woke up at 5.30am, I took a bath and brush my teeth. I changed my clothes. After that I went into the car and quickly go to the bus station at KL Sentral. We took a ride for one hour. When we arrived at the airport, we had breakfast over there and since I am slimming down I only ate a piece of egg, bread and two spoons of fried rice. When I was in the airplane I fastened my seatbelt and seated happily. After a while I noticed the airplane was moving and I said "looks like we are going to takeoff ". We fly for one hour and we landed at the Medan airport. After that we go to the tourist center and got a bus for us and straightly headed for our hotel at Parapat at Lake Toba. The scenery of Lake Toba was very beautiful.

Day 2
After we had breakfast at our hotel. Me and my brother swam at the swimmingpool. After we finished swimming we go to our hotel room to changed our clothes, then we headed to our bus and were on our way to our next hotel in Berastagi. Before we arrived at our hotel we went to the highest waterfall in Indonesia which was named the Sipiso Piso waterfall. We arrived at our hotel in the evening.

Day 3
On our third day, after breakfast we headed for our next destination that is up the hill where there is the perfect view to see the volcano, that was Sibayak Mountain. The view is quiet beautiful and the wheather was cold. I like this place and I am glad my father took me over here. After lunch we headed to Medan. When we arrived at Medan we went to the one of the top Indonesian university, that is University Sumatera Utara. After that we check-in at the hotel and rest for the day.

Day 4
I woke up in the morning and I took a bath and put on my cloth. After that we went to the hotel restaurant and ate our breakfast. I ate fried rice and drank orange juice and for my dessert I ate jelly. After breakfast we went to the muzeum and the old castle. We check-out at 12 o' clock and straightly went to the airport. Our flight to KL was at 4 o'clock in the evening. We arrived at the LCCT at 6 o'clock, then we took a bus to KL Sentral. My sister, Eka took us home.

Overall I enjoyed my trip to Medan and I wish I could come back again to Medan.

09 March, 2009

My trip to Kuantan

Yesterday me and my family go to Kuantan to meet our cousin. I was very excited when we were on our way to our cousins house because i cannot wait until i get to play with their son named Muneer and was the younget at the family and i am the youngest of my bro's and sis's. It took 4 hours to reach our destination. When we arrived Muneer came out of his house and approached our vehicle. His mother also came out of the house. We slept over their house for 2 days. On our last day me and my cousins and my family go to the beach for a looooooooooong picnic. We took a bath at the beach and ate the food that was served by my family. After that we took a short bath at the public shower and go home.

04 March, 2009

My friend.

Hello. Today i feel very sorry to my friend because his newborn little brother died. I feel soooooooooooo pitty for him. My friend that lost his brother name is Hazman. He is the leader of our class. When we were in class our teacher told him to follow her to go to the hospital. Two hours after that he came back to school with a sad face. He was just like going to cry. By the way thanks to who ever read my blog. I am really appreciate your interest in my blog.

26 February, 2009

Goosebumps: Calling all creeps!

Hi! Today i am going to talk about my favourite book named goosebumps:calling all creeps! The book is about a kid named Ricky Beamer. In school he is a total loser and works for the school news paper club. And then one day he accidentlly drops soda on his eight grader newspaper boss, Tasha. Tasha fired him. And then one night he is on a special mission codenamed: R.E.V.E. N.G.E. His objective is to writes something at the paper that Tasha is writing. If your a creep call Tasha at midnight. He accidentlly again writes if your a creep call Ricky at midnight. One night he's getting calls. Strange calls from kids who say they are creeps. Creeps with scaly purple skin and long sharp fangs. These creeps want to conquere his school and the world. And he knows that he must save the world to change his life from loser to popular.

I will continue to tell you about the goosebumps next time because i haven't read the whole storybook.

23 February, 2009

Being a soldier at school.

Hi people. Today i am going to tell you about my life as a soldier at school because i am entering the K.R.S (Teenager school cadet). But that is only for the secondary. For the primary is T.K.R.S(Tunas teenager school cadet). And then when i entered the training at the field. It was worser than i thought it would be. We had to do everything a soldier has to do. We have to march and crawl and prone at the mud and under the the sharp wire things and if you wanna be a man.Make sure you join the K.R.S. May the poopoo be with myself.

10 February, 2009

My trip to Negeri Sembilan

Yesterday i went to Negeri Sembilan and of course with my family. We went to Negeri Sembilan to check out the oldest king of Negeri Sembilan's castle at Seri Menanti. Actually the king was not the actual king. A long time a go the goverment let the king be a king for only a few years but he stayed at the king rank for far too long. Now the king just died and the actual king replaced the greedy king. When we arrived at the old castle, I was sleeping when my brother woke me up. When we were in the castle it was creepy you know. After we read all the signs in the castle, me, my father and my brother went to the third floor. The castle had 5 floors. The 4th and 5th floor stairs was soooooooooo steep. The two floors were so dark we all were afraid to go upstairs. After that we went to Port Dickson. The beach was ok. On my way home i saw an army museum. My mother took a picture of me and my brother at the museum, but the museum was closed. Soooo my father said we could go there next time and i will tell you about the museum next time.

04 February, 2009

I ate onion

Actually i dont like to eat vegetables but now i am on a diet.!so i ate onion and then i knew onion would taste good, So i ate all of the onions. Warning: tell your children to eat onion with sauce or they might puke.

03 February, 2009

My trip to selama.

Last Saturday me and my family go to my great grandfather's house. His house is at a small village called Selama. My father's cousin got married.The food was good. My brothers liked it sooooooooooooo much until they cannot stop thinking about it. When we arrived at the wedding, I saw far too much cow and sheep poop on the road and it smells far too much stinky. The village people let go free of the cows. They do not care of their cows.

After that I went to my mother's little brother house. He has two daughter's named Sakinah and Husninah. Sakinah is now 7 years old and Husnina is 5 years old. That night Sakinah said that yesterday Husnina saw a ghost. Husnina said the ghost had red hair. But I am not afraid at all of ghost. And then my fathers car alarm ring and Husnina thought it might be a ghost. But I still cheered her up, I said if the ghost appeared I would fart at the ghost and it would die. So after that my mother and father goes to my grandmothers house to sleep over there and me and my 2 brothers sleep at my uncles house. Bye bye.

Friday: sportsday

Sorry for not writing my blog hope your not mad at me. My mom asked me to do it. This friday is sports day. I am not only entering the marching competition. I am also entering a game called telly match. Its simple. First you have to run to this chair. On the chair there is flour on it. You have to blow the flour. In it you will see 6 candy's. You have to bite the candy and bring it to one paper. You put the candy on the paper. After that you have to run forward and you will see three rings. You have to throw the ring to a cone and for the final thing you have to do is that you have to use 6 can's to build a pyramid. There are 3 teams. My one is red and my team won last year in the sportsday. The other two teams are green and blue. Hope you come to R.R.I to chear for me and my team.

24 January, 2009


Noooooooooooo! Why do my brothers get to stay at home for 1 week while i have to go to school! Why oh why did my school was off last week. Saturday and monday! Now i have to spend 3 days at school. And my 2 brothers get to play the pc at home! That is cheating because i have to get sweatie at school and my brother gets to be fatter and fatter at home. By the way sorry for not writing my blog for soooooo long.

13 January, 2009

Tomorrow: Sportsday training!

Tomorrow is my sportsday training.But of course my school is soooooooo small until it has no field.We had to play at the nearby public field.Im sooooo happy because I am entering the marching competition.My sports shirt is coloured red but last year at my old school my sports shirt is coloured blue.Tomorrow were only training!But the real sportsday is much more harder because there is going to be hundreds of people that is going to watch us march.We are going to march at R.R.I. You better watch us march because it is going to be interesting!

09 January, 2009

My school: Soooooooo finger lickin good.

Today is the most excited day of my life! Because i spent 8 hours at school studying!Listening the teacher talking for 1 hours at the hall! Her talking reminds me of being a good boy again at my old school.
After school i had to go to the K.U.M.O.N studying center but i was not lucky because my mother said that i only have to pack homework at the center. After that i wanted to follow my brother go to my friends house to play football and tomorrow i have to go to my tennis class at 4:00 o'clock until 7:00. So thats all and wish me luck bro!

05 January, 2009

My first day: New school!

Today i waked up at 6'o clock.Taken a bath and rolled out to school and then bla bla bla bla bla bla bla! Yahoo yahoo yahoo yahoo!
When we were arrived at my school i was so nervous because all the students wear blue suits and i am not wearing it i mean of course! Im a new student!And we had 2 recess times one is for breakfast and another one is for lunch because the school ends at 3'o clock. The classroom was not bad. Each classroom had 2 air conditioners also each class only had 12 student.thats good!Because if there is only 12 students the class will be a little bit quite. Sooooooo thats the good news!Theres no bad news and goodbye!

02 January, 2009

My auntie: sick!

Today at 7:30pm i went to the hospital to see my auntie because her stomach hurts and i dont know why. We arrived at the hospital around about 8:42pm. After that we talked to my auntie about her stomach. We decided to gooo home. On the way back i remember that we still did not eat dinner yet! And then i talked to my father about it. They kept talking and talking, i talked to my father that i wanted to eat at a food court named uptown like downtown i mean it's like up and down i repeat up and down and we ate looooooooooootssssssss of food. Me and my brothers ate the so called Chicken chop while my sisters ate the Lamb chop. My mom and my dad ate the famous Kue teow. I feel full and i did not want to eat anymore. Okay thats all my story for today. See you later!