31 October, 2009

my sister, Hani

You know what, one month ago, my sister was going to Egypt to continue her studies. When we were at the airport, well, its not just us. All of our cousins were there too. Why? its because my sister is going to Egypt for a year. So thats why all of my cousins were there too and thats why we bought the camera thingy which we put on top of our computer monitor so that we can see my sister in the computer monitor. I think one year is so long. Why didn't they make it six months? That would be really better. By the way my sister said that right now, at Egypt it's wintering but of course there is no snow. My sister said when she woke up in the morning, it was really freezing! Wow, she said it was as if she was eating ice. She also did mention that all the foods were awesome! just say anything, pizza, cakes, fruits, ice creams, and she said the burgers over there is really big. Wow! i didn't want to say anymore types of food or it will make me ruin my slimming process. By the way, my birthday is going to be another 3 days!!!!!! wooooooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!