04 January, 2010

First day of school in IISKD

Hi, Happy new year! This year im standard 5. I am all growned up. Plus im slimmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay yay. Im happy you knowwww! It's cuz im in standard 5 there are two classes, one class is for the students who are quite not intelligent and the other class is for the sudents who are very intelligent. Guess what, Im in the class of the intelligent!!!! yay!!!! There is one thing that i forgot to tell you, I am the class monitor. Sadly, my mother said that im going to go to another school.The school is a government school, The most sadest thing is that, It's gonna be my old school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nooooooo!!!!! I just can't stand the grossnes of the school. Why does it have to be this way!!!! By the way, See ya next time, Lads!

07 December, 2009

since mom and dad are at Makkah.....

Well, since mom and dad are at Makkah and i decided to live at Kuantan. I really missed my home. I decided to go back home cuz i really really did miss home. When i was at my house, my thoughts started to change. Home was really boring. Now! im living at my cousins house at Subang Jaya. It was very fun over here. There are really many stuff to do. Playing the computer[as usual], learning how to make Milo[lol] watching the TV[also as usual]. I really don't know what to talk about cuz there are really so many things to do!

06 November, 2009

My mother: hajj!

Do you want to know something! in the other two days! my mother will be going to Hajj or in Bahasa, Haji. My mom is going to go there for 40 days! that is more longer than i thought it would be. Can you imagine if a boy, his mother is going to leave him for 40 days. By the way. The exciting part is that when my mother goes to hajj. I will be staying at my cousins house! i really am so excited. YAY YAY!!!! YAY YAY!!!!!!!!! i also am going to miss my mother. Also, i think i will be going to my old school next year. Yea i know all of you are freaked out! when i hear this i just said WHAT!!!!!!??????????.I was freaked out too, see you bloggers next time ok.

02 November, 2009

My Birthday!

Yay yay! today is my birthday! which means that I was born on 2nd november! in the year 1999. Sooooooooooo, what do you have for me??? I really hope its something special! you know what! I think I want a pet for my birthday present. But of course I don't want dogs, snakes and other vicious animals. I think I want a pet cat! don't you think so? or maybe toys! yeah, I like toys. I have always want toys for my birthday present, by the way, see ya!

31 October, 2009

my sister, Hani

You know what, one month ago, my sister was going to Egypt to continue her studies. When we were at the airport, well, its not just us. All of our cousins were there too. Why? its because my sister is going to Egypt for a year. So thats why all of my cousins were there too and thats why we bought the camera thingy which we put on top of our computer monitor so that we can see my sister in the computer monitor. I think one year is so long. Why didn't they make it six months? That would be really better. By the way my sister said that right now, at Egypt it's wintering but of course there is no snow. My sister said when she woke up in the morning, it was really freezing! Wow, she said it was as if she was eating ice. She also did mention that all the foods were awesome! just say anything, pizza, cakes, fruits, ice creams, and she said the burgers over there is really big. Wow! i didn't want to say anymore types of food or it will make me ruin my slimming process. By the way, my birthday is going to be another 3 days!!!!!! wooooooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 August, 2009

The Ramadhan month!

Hi! Sorry i have not written my blog for a long time. I was concentrating in my studies because i am going to have an exam! which had just past at 18 August 2009. Now, I am going to talk about the month of Ramadhan or in arabic they call it Sawm. But in english they call it, Fasting!!!!! Im sooooooooooooo happy because now i can become slim more faster. That's of course in the month of Ramadhan we cannot eat for 1 day. Well, it's not that we can't eat. We just have to be patient and we can break the fast at around 7:24 PM. We also cannot be so angry to people or the fasting that we did will not be accepted by god. If you are weak and cannot fast, then you don't have to fast. If you are a contractor you still have to be patient and fast. Can you imagine the poor eating only once a day. Even though they are poor, they are still being patient to eat delicious food. I am imagining when we are going to break the fast and eat delicious, marvelous dishes! Yummy!

03 July, 2009

Smokin aces!

Do you want to know a secret! The secret issssssssssssssssssssss. Do not smoooooooke! U know what. Smoking can cause u ur life! So please! I beg you! Please! Do nooooooooooot smoke. U know what. It is six pm and i havent pray asar yet and i am hearing gunshots right now. Maybe the people of my village are hunting ooooooooor maybe poaching. I hate the person who poaches. I am telling you. Do not smoke because we are talking about life and death here. Smoking can cause u to have cancers,an it also can cause damage to your throat. I always see young people by the age of around 12,13,14 and so on and they might be gone by now. If you know what i mean by gone.