06 November, 2009

My mother: hajj!

Do you want to know something! in the other two days! my mother will be going to Hajj or in Bahasa, Haji. My mom is going to go there for 40 days! that is more longer than i thought it would be. Can you imagine if a boy, his mother is going to leave him for 40 days. By the way. The exciting part is that when my mother goes to hajj. I will be staying at my cousins house! i really am so excited. YAY YAY!!!! YAY YAY!!!!!!!!! i also am going to miss my mother. Also, i think i will be going to my old school next year. Yea i know all of you are freaked out! when i hear this i just said WHAT!!!!!!??????????.I was freaked out too, see you bloggers next time ok.

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