26 February, 2009

Goosebumps: Calling all creeps!

Hi! Today i am going to talk about my favourite book named goosebumps:calling all creeps! The book is about a kid named Ricky Beamer. In school he is a total loser and works for the school news paper club. And then one day he accidentlly drops soda on his eight grader newspaper boss, Tasha. Tasha fired him. And then one night he is on a special mission codenamed: R.E.V.E. N.G.E. His objective is to writes something at the paper that Tasha is writing. If your a creep call Tasha at midnight. He accidentlly again writes if your a creep call Ricky at midnight. One night he's getting calls. Strange calls from kids who say they are creeps. Creeps with scaly purple skin and long sharp fangs. These creeps want to conquere his school and the world. And he knows that he must save the world to change his life from loser to popular.

I will continue to tell you about the goosebumps next time because i haven't read the whole storybook.

23 February, 2009

Being a soldier at school.

Hi people. Today i am going to tell you about my life as a soldier at school because i am entering the K.R.S (Teenager school cadet). But that is only for the secondary. For the primary is T.K.R.S(Tunas teenager school cadet). And then when i entered the training at the field. It was worser than i thought it would be. We had to do everything a soldier has to do. We have to march and crawl and prone at the mud and under the the sharp wire things and if you wanna be a man.Make sure you join the K.R.S. May the poopoo be with myself.

10 February, 2009

My trip to Negeri Sembilan

Yesterday i went to Negeri Sembilan and of course with my family. We went to Negeri Sembilan to check out the oldest king of Negeri Sembilan's castle at Seri Menanti. Actually the king was not the actual king. A long time a go the goverment let the king be a king for only a few years but he stayed at the king rank for far too long. Now the king just died and the actual king replaced the greedy king. When we arrived at the old castle, I was sleeping when my brother woke me up. When we were in the castle it was creepy you know. After we read all the signs in the castle, me, my father and my brother went to the third floor. The castle had 5 floors. The 4th and 5th floor stairs was soooooooooo steep. The two floors were so dark we all were afraid to go upstairs. After that we went to Port Dickson. The beach was ok. On my way home i saw an army museum. My mother took a picture of me and my brother at the museum, but the museum was closed. Soooo my father said we could go there next time and i will tell you about the museum next time.

04 February, 2009

I ate onion

Actually i dont like to eat vegetables but now i am on a diet.!so i ate onion and then i knew onion would taste good, So i ate all of the onions. Warning: tell your children to eat onion with sauce or they might puke.

03 February, 2009

My trip to selama.

Last Saturday me and my family go to my great grandfather's house. His house is at a small village called Selama. My father's cousin got married.The food was good. My brothers liked it sooooooooooooo much until they cannot stop thinking about it. When we arrived at the wedding, I saw far too much cow and sheep poop on the road and it smells far too much stinky. The village people let go free of the cows. They do not care of their cows.

After that I went to my mother's little brother house. He has two daughter's named Sakinah and Husninah. Sakinah is now 7 years old and Husnina is 5 years old. That night Sakinah said that yesterday Husnina saw a ghost. Husnina said the ghost had red hair. But I am not afraid at all of ghost. And then my fathers car alarm ring and Husnina thought it might be a ghost. But I still cheered her up, I said if the ghost appeared I would fart at the ghost and it would die. So after that my mother and father goes to my grandmothers house to sleep over there and me and my 2 brothers sleep at my uncles house. Bye bye.

Friday: sportsday

Sorry for not writing my blog hope your not mad at me. My mom asked me to do it. This friday is sports day. I am not only entering the marching competition. I am also entering a game called telly match. Its simple. First you have to run to this chair. On the chair there is flour on it. You have to blow the flour. In it you will see 6 candy's. You have to bite the candy and bring it to one paper. You put the candy on the paper. After that you have to run forward and you will see three rings. You have to throw the ring to a cone and for the final thing you have to do is that you have to use 6 can's to build a pyramid. There are 3 teams. My one is red and my team won last year in the sportsday. The other two teams are green and blue. Hope you come to R.R.I to chear for me and my team.