10 February, 2009

My trip to Negeri Sembilan

Yesterday i went to Negeri Sembilan and of course with my family. We went to Negeri Sembilan to check out the oldest king of Negeri Sembilan's castle at Seri Menanti. Actually the king was not the actual king. A long time a go the goverment let the king be a king for only a few years but he stayed at the king rank for far too long. Now the king just died and the actual king replaced the greedy king. When we arrived at the old castle, I was sleeping when my brother woke me up. When we were in the castle it was creepy you know. After we read all the signs in the castle, me, my father and my brother went to the third floor. The castle had 5 floors. The 4th and 5th floor stairs was soooooooooo steep. The two floors were so dark we all were afraid to go upstairs. After that we went to Port Dickson. The beach was ok. On my way home i saw an army museum. My mother took a picture of me and my brother at the museum, but the museum was closed. Soooo my father said we could go there next time and i will tell you about the museum next time.

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