03 February, 2009

Friday: sportsday

Sorry for not writing my blog hope your not mad at me. My mom asked me to do it. This friday is sports day. I am not only entering the marching competition. I am also entering a game called telly match. Its simple. First you have to run to this chair. On the chair there is flour on it. You have to blow the flour. In it you will see 6 candy's. You have to bite the candy and bring it to one paper. You put the candy on the paper. After that you have to run forward and you will see three rings. You have to throw the ring to a cone and for the final thing you have to do is that you have to use 6 can's to build a pyramid. There are 3 teams. My one is red and my team won last year in the sportsday. The other two teams are green and blue. Hope you come to R.R.I to chear for me and my team.

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