24 January, 2009


Noooooooooooo! Why do my brothers get to stay at home for 1 week while i have to go to school! Why oh why did my school was off last week. Saturday and monday! Now i have to spend 3 days at school. And my 2 brothers get to play the pc at home! That is cheating because i have to get sweatie at school and my brother gets to be fatter and fatter at home. By the way sorry for not writing my blog for soooooo long.

13 January, 2009

Tomorrow: Sportsday training!

Tomorrow is my sportsday training.But of course my school is soooooooo small until it has no field.We had to play at the nearby public field.Im sooooo happy because I am entering the marching competition.My sports shirt is coloured red but last year at my old school my sports shirt is coloured blue.Tomorrow were only training!But the real sportsday is much more harder because there is going to be hundreds of people that is going to watch us march.We are going to march at R.R.I. You better watch us march because it is going to be interesting!

09 January, 2009

My school: Soooooooo finger lickin good.

Today is the most excited day of my life! Because i spent 8 hours at school studying!Listening the teacher talking for 1 hours at the hall! Her talking reminds me of being a good boy again at my old school.
After school i had to go to the K.U.M.O.N studying center but i was not lucky because my mother said that i only have to pack homework at the center. After that i wanted to follow my brother go to my friends house to play football and tomorrow i have to go to my tennis class at 4:00 o'clock until 7:00. So thats all and wish me luck bro!

05 January, 2009

My first day: New school!

Today i waked up at 6'o clock.Taken a bath and rolled out to school and then bla bla bla bla bla bla bla! Yahoo yahoo yahoo yahoo!
When we were arrived at my school i was so nervous because all the students wear blue suits and i am not wearing it i mean of course! Im a new student!And we had 2 recess times one is for breakfast and another one is for lunch because the school ends at 3'o clock. The classroom was not bad. Each classroom had 2 air conditioners also each class only had 12 student.thats good!Because if there is only 12 students the class will be a little bit quite. Sooooooo thats the good news!Theres no bad news and goodbye!

02 January, 2009

My auntie: sick!

Today at 7:30pm i went to the hospital to see my auntie because her stomach hurts and i dont know why. We arrived at the hospital around about 8:42pm. After that we talked to my auntie about her stomach. We decided to gooo home. On the way back i remember that we still did not eat dinner yet! And then i talked to my father about it. They kept talking and talking, i talked to my father that i wanted to eat at a food court named uptown like downtown i mean it's like up and down i repeat up and down and we ate looooooooooootssssssss of food. Me and my brothers ate the so called Chicken chop while my sisters ate the Lamb chop. My mom and my dad ate the famous Kue teow. I feel full and i did not want to eat anymore. Okay thats all my story for today. See you later!