02 January, 2009

My auntie: sick!

Today at 7:30pm i went to the hospital to see my auntie because her stomach hurts and i dont know why. We arrived at the hospital around about 8:42pm. After that we talked to my auntie about her stomach. We decided to gooo home. On the way back i remember that we still did not eat dinner yet! And then i talked to my father about it. They kept talking and talking, i talked to my father that i wanted to eat at a food court named uptown like downtown i mean it's like up and down i repeat up and down and we ate looooooooooootssssssss of food. Me and my brothers ate the so called Chicken chop while my sisters ate the Lamb chop. My mom and my dad ate the famous Kue teow. I feel full and i did not want to eat anymore. Okay thats all my story for today. See you later!

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