04 January, 2010

First day of school in IISKD

Hi, Happy new year! This year im standard 5. I am all growned up. Plus im slimmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay yay. Im happy you knowwww! It's cuz im in standard 5 there are two classes, one class is for the students who are quite not intelligent and the other class is for the sudents who are very intelligent. Guess what, Im in the class of the intelligent!!!! yay!!!! There is one thing that i forgot to tell you, I am the class monitor. Sadly, my mother said that im going to go to another school.The school is a government school, The most sadest thing is that, It's gonna be my old school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nooooooo!!!!! I just can't stand the grossnes of the school. Why does it have to be this way!!!! By the way, See ya next time, Lads!