30 December, 2008

My Brother :7 A's

Wassup wassup again! U now what! My brother got 7 a's in PMR. But still he did'nt get 8 a's. I feel sorry for him but he still got a's. My teacher always said. Dont worry because you can always try again in the next exam. And! Tommorow we are going to eat at Chili's or Nachos Nachos! Im sure you dont know where is the Nachos Nachos restaurant and also i do know you never heard of it but were gonna try it!It's at the new Giant[Shopping mall]. It's located at Kota damansara and it's also near my school.At Nachos Nachos it's got lots of food in the restaurant.These were all the food i saw at the menu.Example:Taco from Mexico,Salmon slice nachos and others.I hope when im a teenager i will get 8 a's and will make History in my family!

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