22 December, 2008

Me at Melaka

Now im gonna talk about me at Melaka.Melaka is actually a very veryy small town.But the town is a little bit more tidier than my village.Because my village is like garbage you know.Of course Old fashioned Malaysia always throw their garbage anywhere they want. Warning: dont you ever throw garbage anywhere you want or your country will become garbage! By the way lets continue about me at Melaka. When we were looking for a hotel.My sister said she heard there was a 3 star hotel at melaka.She said the hotel was beautiful.When we arrived at the hotel.From the outside the hotel looked like a losman hotel but from the inside the hotel was beautiful.And then we check in.After that we walked around the town.Thats the story about me at Melaka.See ya!

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  1. wish my son can blogging like u. keep up d good work bro! you'r in my bloglist.