03 February, 2009

My trip to selama.

Last Saturday me and my family go to my great grandfather's house. His house is at a small village called Selama. My father's cousin got married.The food was good. My brothers liked it sooooooooooooo much until they cannot stop thinking about it. When we arrived at the wedding, I saw far too much cow and sheep poop on the road and it smells far too much stinky. The village people let go free of the cows. They do not care of their cows.

After that I went to my mother's little brother house. He has two daughter's named Sakinah and Husninah. Sakinah is now 7 years old and Husnina is 5 years old. That night Sakinah said that yesterday Husnina saw a ghost. Husnina said the ghost had red hair. But I am not afraid at all of ghost. And then my fathers car alarm ring and Husnina thought it might be a ghost. But I still cheered her up, I said if the ghost appeared I would fart at the ghost and it would die. So after that my mother and father goes to my grandmothers house to sleep over there and me and my 2 brothers sleep at my uncles house. Bye bye.