26 April, 2009

A new belt!

Did you remember when i said there were karate classes at my school. Guest what! I was ranked a new belt. Now at karate i am yellow belt! If you want to go to a new belt you must past a test. The test was called grading. A grading test is that we must do the technique of each belt. I was white belt so i had to do the white belt technique and i past the grading test so i am going to be promoted to yellow belt. Im so happy you knooooooooow. I forgot to tell you that these were the following belts: white,yellow,green,blue,purple,brown,brown 2,brown 3,brown 4,black,black 2,black 3,black 4,black 5,black 6,black 7, black 8, black 9, black 10! So that is all i want to tell you and thanks for the good comments!

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