18 May, 2009

Old friends

I wish later at my birthday that i will invite some of my old friends at S.K.T.T.D.I.
(Sekolah kebangsaan Taman Tun Doktor Ismail). I have always missed them especially my bestest friend in the whole earth because he and my family supported me during the sportsday at I.I.S.K.D and also when i go to the canteen he was the one who bought food for me if i didn't bring money and that is why i always make jokes in class to make him laugh or to cheer him up when he is in a bad mood. By the way his name is Adam Hakim and has a jerky sister who likes to bully him. Me and him, Well i am older than him and you know what he was born a day after i was born. I am so glad i met him and i will try my best to invite him to my birthday party.

This may have a few mistakes and i will soon correct them.
See ya! bye-bye good friends!

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